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Turn your product ideas into a tangible, testable prototype that can be tried out by anyone. Validate your product ideas quickly, iterate confidently, and accelerate your product development.
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Software and Hardware prototyping

So, you already understand the problem to solve and user needs? Now it's time to create a tangible prototype to quickly validate if you are on the right track with the solution.

Transform your product idea into a clickable, user-tested prototype. Rapid Prototyping is a fast-tracked route from researching customer needs to an initial validation of your product idea. Immediately start user testing and investor engagement.

Accelerate validation, minimize risks, maximize impact

Turn your idea into a clickable product demo in a snap!

Get immediate user feedback

Test your core features with real users to validate the demand and usability of your product.

Increase investor readiness

A clickable prototype makes your pitch to investors more compelling and tangible.

Save money before development

Identify design flaws or unnecessary features and iterate product ideas cheaply before full-scale development.

Save on your development time

Speed up the development cycle by resolving uncertainties early on.

Remove the guesswork from your roadmap

Gain a clear action plan for development, reducing guesswork and missteps.

Enhanced team alignment

A prototype gets everyone on the same page, from developers to business stakeholders.

Why prototype with our designers?

Whether it's AI, IoT, or wearables, we bring your vision to life with precision. Our expertise spans from initial ideation to user testing, ensuring your product resonates with your target audience and stands out in the market.

Clear Roadmap Ahead

Along with the prototyping process, we help you build a clear business and tech roadmap, ensuring you're prepared for every phase of product development.

User-Centric Insights

Dive deep into user behavior and preferences. Our senior UX designers lead the way in user recruitment and testing, ensuring your product resonates well with your customers.

Real-World Validation

Test your product ideas in real-world scenarios, ensuring your product aligns with real market and user needs.

Reduced Product Risks

Make informed product strategy decisions based on user data, not assumptions, minimizing project risks.

Get early traction

Secure your first clients and showcase user research results as proof of market demand. Convince investors with an interactive prototype.

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Learn how Rapid Prototyping with punktum looks like

Rapid prototyping means 2-4 weeks from the start to a prototype that's ready to show to your customers and stakeholders.

Week 1.1 - Discovery and Planning

Initial Consultation: We kick off with a deep-dive meeting to understand your startup's goals, target audience, and the problem you're solving for them.

Scope Definition: Based on the initial consultation, we define the scope of the prototype, including drafting key functionalities and user flows.

Can it be built? Our tech experts also join the meetings to help you validate the technical feasibility of the features you aim to prototype.

Outcome: Action plan

Week 1.2 - Workflows and Wireframes

Product Ideation Workshop: An intensive design workshop helps us to ideate, quickly validate with you, and design how the solution might work, with user story maps, feature ideas, and simple diagrams of main user interaction flows.

Wireframing: Based on those, we create low-fidelity wireframes (black and white drafts of each screen) to map out the user journey and key interactions.

Outcome: Prototype outline

Week 2-3 - Interactive Prototype

Interactive Prototyping: We use design tools like Figma to create an interactive clickable prototype that mimics real-world user interactions, and incorporates your startup's branding elements.

Stakeholder Review: A mid-point review with stakeholders to ensure the prototype is aligned with business objectives.

User Testing: Optionally, we can already conduct remote user tests to gather initial feedback and make necessary adjustments.

Outcome: Completed ready-to-use Prototype

Week 4 - Refinement and Delivery

Iteration: Based on user feedback and stakeholder input, we iterate on the design and functionality.

Final Review: A final walkthrough with stakeholders to approve the prototype.

Delivery: We hand over the interactive prototype, along with all design assets and documentation.

By the end of this 2-4 week process, you'll have a validated, user- and investor-ready prototype that resonates with your target audience and can help you show traction to secure early-stage funding.

Punktum has unique expertise in deep-tech R&D and startups

We have helped dozens of digital health innovators to build the right product and then build it the right way.

Early-stage startup acceleration experience

We have funded startups ourselves and run four different startup accelerators.

We know how to solve the challenges an early-stage startup founder faces in finding product-market fit and building an MVP.

Deep-tech R&D engineering expertise

At your disposal, a team of 120+ engineers with PhDs in Machine Learning and Data Science have extensive R&D experience in:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Vision
  • Embedded Systems and wearables
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Signal Processing

Regulatory affairs and MDR compliance

Our digital health experts are happy to support you with a validated design and development process compliant with:

  • ISO 13485 (Medical Devices)
  • ISO 14971 (Risk Management)
  • IEC 62304 (Software Dev Process)
  • IEC 62366 (Usability)
  • Medical Device Security (TIR57)

Read what punktum clients have to say

"Punktum perfectly fit into the time frame proposed and also delivered a set of extra functionalities on top of what was agreed before the start. The quality of the code and work including UX/UI was spot on."

Philipp Reiter

Partner & COO
Eye Square GmbH

"We like how proactive they are when it comes to recommending the best solutions. They also collaborate really well with our in-house team, which is outstanding."

Jakob Schwankhaus

Co-Founder & CEO

"The collaboration between our internal team and developers from Punktum is exceptionally smooth and efficient. They feel like our extended arm and can adjust their coding practices and conventions to what we have established internally."

Radoslav Albrecht

Founder & CEO


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Meet our Rapid Prototyping experts

Tom Sieron

COO of punktum

18 years of experience in Service Design, UX and startups.

Founded his first startup in 2006. Managed and mentored 4 startup accelerators, and founded 3 digital agencies. MSc in Biomedical Engineering.

Krzysztof Radecki

CTO of punktum

18 years of R&D and technology project leadership experience. 

Led tech implementations at Opel, GE Money Bank, CGI, JLL, and Infomotion GmbH.

Punktum is a member of the DAC.Digital Group

Punktum’s digital health product and UX consulting expertise is empowered with DAC.Digital‘s deep-tech delivery capabilities of 120+ engineers and R&D experts working in-house. DAC is headquartered in Gdańsk, Poland and we share a years-long successful collaboration on projects in Germany, EU and beyond.

All of our team members are working from within the EU and in the CET (Berlin/Warsaw) time zone.

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