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Create the right product with our human-centric design process

We work using Design Thinking methods. By first validating real people’s needs, we help our clients to stay relevant and always connected to their audiences.

Aligning real human needs with your business objectives speeds up innovation, and significantly improves your product-market fit. Here’s our design process.

01. Customer Research, Discovery and Product Strategy

We use Design Thinking methods and clarify the requirements and the potential solutions for your product.

The key questions that must be answered at this stage are:
— What do your customers need the most?
— What is the right solution to answer their needs?
— How to align your business goals, create and capture value with your solution?

02. User Experience and Product Design

Based on the Product Strategy, we focus on:
— How to design and build the solution the right way?
— What features to prioritise in delivery?
— How should it all work in detail?

The following methods help us to progress efficiently:

  • Product value proposition and Customer Journey
  • Information architecture and interaction flows
  • Functional domain mapping using Event Storming
  • Solution architecture, integrations and systems context mapping

03. Requirements and Solution Delivery Roadmap

Finally, it’s time to set the roadmap and a solid future-proof visual design foundation for the agile delivery! The project starts with Sprint Zero where we work out the aesthetics.

  • Key assumptions and requirements documentation
  • Project phases prioritization / MVP scoping and budget estimation
  • Product delivery roadmap
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Punktum is a member of Garmin Developer Program

The Garmin Connect Developer Program is an initiative designed to bridge developers and Garmin’s extensive suite of health and fitness data. It provides APIs for syncing health metrics, activity data and more. With this membership, we aim to leverage Garmin Health’s data and tracking capabilities, as well as their advanced technology to create innovative healthcare solutions.

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