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Before you invest in building a solution, make sure you first understand what has the best chances of success.

Empower your startup with insights from a Customer Research Sprint — a focused 1-2 week push to validate your product assumptions and understand what resonates best with your target market.

Dive deep into customer needs, refine your value proposition, and build a data-informed strategy to propel your startup towards success.

Accelerate Your Startup with Customer Research

Customer research can be lean and agile. Start fast, learn fast!

Gain Deep Market Insights Fast

Validate your target market with our Customer Research Sprint. Understand the nuanced needs, preferences, and pain points of your potential customers. Deep market understanding is key for shaping products that resonate with your audience and stand out in the competitive landscape.

Validate Your Ideas, Mitigate Risks

Transform risky assumptions into validated facts. Our service rigorously tests your product ideas against real-world customer data, minimizing the risks associated with basing decisions on untested hypotheses. Ensure your startup’s resources are invested in ideas that have genuine market potential.

Plan with Data-Informed Confidence

The insights gained from the Customer Research Sprint form a solid foundation for your product strategy. Make informed decisions on product features, design, and development paths. This strategic approach ensures that every step you take is aligned with market demands and customer expectations.

Why invest in Customer Research?

Accelerating Customer Research will provide a plethora of invaluable resources for your product’s development and launch.

Actionable Customer Segments

Develop customer personas and segments that encapsulate the needs, behaviours, and preferences of your target audience, providing a clear guide for product development and marketing strategies.

Validate Product Concepts

Achieve a refined and market-tested product concept. This validation process ensures that your product idea is not only innovative but also resonates with your target customers.

Data-Drive Your Product Roadmap

Build a strategically crafted product roadmap informed by real user data. Research-sourced roadmap prioritizes features and development stages based on market demand and customer insights.

Market Entry Strategy

Formulate a robust go-to-market strategy underpinned by comprehensive market understanding. This strategy aligns your product launch with market opportunities and customer expectations.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Identify and mitigate potential risks in product development and market introduction, reducing the likelihood of costly pivots and ensuring a smoother path to market success.

Enhanced Investor Appeal

Equip yourself with convincing market research and customer insights that enhance the appeal of your startup to investors, increasing the potential for funding success.

Actionable Feedback for Iteration

Gather actionable feedback that directs iterative improvements, ensuring your product evolves in response to customer needs and market trends.

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Read what punktum clients have to say

“Punktum perfectly fit into the time frame proposed and also delivered a set of extra functionalities on top of what was agreed before the start. The quality of the code and work including UX/UI was spot on.”

Philipp Reiter

Partner & COO
Eye Square GmbH

“We like how proactive they are when it comes to recommending the best solutions. They also collaborate really well with our in-house team, which is outstanding.”

Jakob Schwankhaus

Co-Founder & CEO

“The collaboration between our internal team and developers from Punktum is exceptionally smooth and efficient. They feel like our extended arm and can adjust their coding practices and conventions to what we have established internally.”

Radoslav Albrecht

Founder & CEO

Customer Research provides invaluable insights to drive your product strategy and marketing in every market vertical

Tailor Health Solutions to Patient, Physician and Caregiver Needs as a Health Startup

Utilize research insights to deeply understand patient behaviours, needs, and preferences in health tech. Gain ideas for creating patient-centric apps, wearables, and digital therapeutics that truly make a difference in users’ lives – not only patients, but also physicians, nurses, caregivers, and all other key stakeholders.

Craft Engaging Wellness Experiences for Wellness and Fitness Apps

Discover what drives and then maintains user engagement in wellness and fitness. Our research sprint uncovers key motivators and barriers for users, guiding you in designing apps and platforms that foster lasting user retention and satisfaction.

Innovate with User-Centric Solution Design Medical Devices

In medical devices, understanding the end-user – patients and healthcare professionals – is crucial. Use our service to ensure your innovations align with real-world clinical needs and usability requirements.

Empathize with Mental Health Needs in Mental Health Tech

Gain a deeper understanding of the delicate nuances in mental health tech. Our customer research sprint helps you empathize with users, and their perception of the world, ensuring your solutions are sensitive, effective, and truly supportive.

Align Tech with Nutritional Goals in Nutritional Tech Products

Understand the diverse dietary needs and preferences of your target audience. This knowledge is instrumental in developing nutritional apps and platforms that cater effectively to various health and lifestyle goals.

Enhance Athletic Performance with Real User Insights for Sports Tech Innovations

In sports tech, knowing your athlete’s needs is key. Our research helps you discover how to optimize athletic performance through technology, making your products indispensable tools for training and competition.

Optimize Digital Therapeutics with User Data for Digital Therapeutics

Leverage customer insights to create digital therapeutics that patients and healthcare providers find effective and easy to use, enhancing treatment outcomes and user adoption rates.

Enhance Habit-Forming in Self-Care and Adherence Solutions

Effective customer research for self-care apps centers on uncovering users’ intrinsic motivators and barriers to action. Our approach focuses on identifying underlying reasons for users’ engagement or lack thereof, using insights to inform behavioral modeling within the app. This research, helps tailor the app to address specific user needs, fostering sustainable habit formation.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Customer Research

How long does the customer research process typically take?

The duration varies based on the project’s scope and complexity. Typically, for an early-stage startup we aim to wrap up it in a single Research Sprint – usually 1-2 weeks long. This covers typically in-depth interview-based research and identifying JTBDs, prefaced with desk research and analytics data review (if any is available already).

For a more complex project, with multiple stakeholders, the customer and user needs research phase can take 8 weeks or longer. This includes facilitating stakeholder alignment workshops, planning a research strategy, subject matter expert input, participant recruiting, conducting interviews or surveys, analyzing the data, and synthesising outcomes for diverse teams and decision makers involved. For those longer projects, stakeholder management and change management can play a crucial role.

Who should we interview and research?

We focus on interviewing potential core customers who closely align with your hypothesized user persona. The early adopters. These might include individuals in your personal network, professional contacts, or members of online communities related to your industry who we can help to recruit and screen.

How do we know if we are targeting the right audience?

Together, we will validate your audience by ensuring they represent potential users with the specific problem your product aims to solve. A quick way to test this (called screening is through brief online surveys or informal discussions in relevant online forums.

Where do we find the participants and how?

Depending on the specific segment we defined as the core audience for your research, we’ll either use your network, a professional recruitment service for a very specific customer segment (and when specific remote geography plays a role), or run the recruitment campaign online. We typically leverage social media groups, online forums, and industry-specific platforms. Utilizing your personal and professional networks can be cost-effective, and comes with both benefits but also risks. Simple incentives like a mention in your product’s credits or early access can encourage participation. We’ll work together to devise the optimal recruiting strategy for your venture.

What should we ask about and how to structure the interviews?

Questions should be focused on understanding the specific jobs users need to get done, their pain points, and what solutions they currently use. We’ll start with broad questions to understand their overall challenges and then narrow down to specifics about their workflows and preferences. We follow a semi-structured or structured interview flow, which is pre-approved with our client, and tested before we start the research.

What methodologies will we use for this research?

We utilize lean and quick methodologies like one-on-one Google Meets / Zoom calls, user interviews, group workshops, and online surveys. These can provide rich qualitative data without the need for lengthy expensive tools or resources. Especially for an early-stage startup, speed of learning and iteration trumps depth and extensiveness of research.

For larger-scale customer research projects – typically in enterprise or scale-up projects – where statistical significance and confirmation of qualitative findings with statistically significant methods starts to play a crucial role, we supplement the fast and lean research methods with quantitative research.

What if our initial hypotheses are proven wrong?

It’s a valuable learning opportunity, and the fastest we reach it, the better for your project, budget and timeframe. Use the insights to refine your understanding of the market and pivot your approach rapidly. This agile response is crucial for early-stage startups to find their product-market fit efficiently. From the founding stories of the most successful startups, it’s obvious that the ones who succeed, are those who have the ability to be very flexible and adjust to new learning multiple times.

What will be the outcome of the research and how can I use it to move forward?

The outcome includes detailed insights into user behaviors, preferences, and needs, along with validation or refutation of your hypotheses. This information is crucial for refining your product strategy, making informed design decisions, and planning your next steps in product development or marketing strategies. We make sure to make the outcomes maximally actionable for you and your team, and use the most popular methods such as Personas, Jobs To Be Done, Customer Journey map, and Value Proposition Canvas to ensure that both your Product as well as Sales and Marketing can fully utilise the outcomes.

Punktum has unique expertise in product design and R&D

We have helped dozens of digital health innovators to build the right product and then build it the right way.

Early-stage startup acceleration experience

We have funded startups ourselves and run four different startup accelerators.

We know how to solve the challenges an early-stage startup founder faces in finding product-market fit and building an MVP.

Deep-tech R&D engineering expertise

At your disposal, a team of 120+ engineers with PhDs in Machine Learning and Data Science have extensive R&D experience in:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Vision
  • Embedded Systems and wearables
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Signal Processing

Regulatory affairs and MDR compliance

Our digital health experts are happy to support you with a validated design and development process compliant with:

  • ISO 13485 (Medical Devices)
  • ISO 14971 (Risk Management)
  • IEC 62304 (Software Dev Process)
  • IEC 62366 (Usability)
  • Medical Device Security (TIR57)

Punktum is a member of the DAC.Digital Group

Punktum’s digital health product and UX consulting expertise is empowered with DAC.Digital‘s deep-tech delivery capabilities of 120+ engineers and R&D experts working in-house. DAC is headquartered in Gdańsk, Poland and we share a years-long successful collaboration on projects in Germany, EU and beyond.

All of our team members are working from within the EU and in the CET (Berlin/Warsaw) time zone.

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Meet our Customer Research experts

Tom Sieron

18 years of experience in Service Design, UX and startups.

Founded his first startup in 2006. Managed and mentored 4 startup accelerators, and founded 3 digital agencies. MSc in Biomedical Engineering.

Josua Ziegler

10 years in startup and corporate digitalisation strategy consulting

Expert in product strategy, and strategic consulting.

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