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From computer vision to predictive algorithms, punktum offers a wide range of AI development services

Conversational AI

Human-like chatbots for customer care

Salesbots and

Virtual assistants

Real-time interpreting and translations

Personal advice and coaching

Speech and Voice AI

Speech enhancement

Real-time meeting captioning

Voice-activated EHRs

Assistive technologies

Generative AI

Multilanguage transactions

Risk assessment

Product design

Drug discovery

System modeling

Computer Vision

Recognition, detection, and segmentation

Environmental awareness

Multi-camera assets monitoring

3D localisation and movement analysis

Natural Language Processing

Text understanding and text generation via generative AI

Sentiment analysis

Machine translation

Chatbots and virtual assistants

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  • business context and current situation
  • goals and success criteria
  • level of digital ambitions

We will answer your questions and introduce the relevant punktum experience.

Review the opportunities and possibilities of AI solution

After diagnosing your situation, we’ll meet to discuss our proposed solutions to your challenge as well as the schedule and initial budget estimates.

This is also the time to clarify your and our key assumptions about the project.

The goal is to agree if we are a good fit and discuss how to best start your project.

Initiate the project to realize your innovation

Thirdly, we will discuss the specific details of the chosen approach, and start the project.

You meet your dedicated project team and plan together how to deliver tangible value the fastest.

Start the customer research, discovery, and product design, or a PoC Research and Development.

Use AI/ML solution in the best way that suits your project needs

Digital Health AI Revolution

Revolutionize healthcare by facilitating early disease detection, enhancing diagnostics, and improving treatment outcomes. From predicting disease risks to optimizing hospital operations, AI/ML is the way to build a healthier, happier society.

Computer vision for Wellness

AI and ML bring precision to wellness practices. By analyzing user behavior and health indicators, you can offer personalized guidance, promoting posture correction, stress reduction, and healthy habits.

Machine Learning empowers Medical Devices and Wearables

Propagate proactive health management with real-time monitoring, enabling remote patient care and early intervention. By analyzing biometric data, AI and ML provide insights for personalized treatment plans, enabling e-health innovators to bring patient-centric healthcare to a new level.

Sports Tech reaches new heights with AI and ML

Empower trainers and athletes with actionable insights for refining training regimes and capabilities. In the realm of sports, AI and ML amplify performance analysis and improvement. Enable real-time coaching feedback and injury prevention by scrutinizing player movements and strategies.

Read what punktum clients have to say

“Punktum perfectly fit into the time frame proposed and also delivered a set of extra functionalities on top of what was agreed before the start. The quality of the code and work including UX/UI was spot on.”

Philipp Reiter

Partner & COO
Eye Square GmbH

“We like how proactive they are when it comes to recommending the best solutions. They also collaborate really well with our in-house team, which is outstanding.”

Jakob Schwankhaus

Co-Founder & CEO

“The collaboration between our internal team and developers from Punktum is exceptionally smooth and efficient. They feel like our extended arm and can adjust their coding practices and conventions to what we have established internally.”

Radoslav Albrecht

Founder & CEO

Unlock AI engineering’s full spectrum for your project and users

Engage clients beyond traditional chatbots with Conversational AI

Why settle for ordinary chatbots when Conversational AI algorithms can revolutionize your customer interactions? From handling complaints to facilitating sales and translating languages in real-time, Conversational AI can be the go-to solution for automating mundane tasks. Don’t just communicate; elevate your conversations with AI!

Here are some Conversational AI things we can develop:

Customer help: These bots can handle complaints, share basic info about a company, and work with other internal company systems to assist customers better.

Sales assistants: AI can facilitate better customer decisions based on their previous actions.

Virtual helpers: Digital AI-based helpers can do tasks for your users, like ordering food, making reservations, updating other systems, or just shopping online.

Language helpers: Conversational AI can also help people who speak different languages talk to each other in real-time by translating what they’re saying. It can even summarize the conversation if needed.

Elevate communication. Streamline tasks.

Elevate voice-based interactions using Speech AI algorithms

Not interested in having your product speak to your dear users in robotic voices and strain them with long wait times? Speech AI has the power to reshape your customer interactions. Whether it’s refining speech, taking live meeting notes, or offering expressive customer care, Speech AI makes communication more human-like and efficient. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the future of speech!

Refined Speech: Transform your customer communication with a more polished and comprehensible tone. It can be a great tool to sound professional and understand clients better, especially in cases of unclear sound quality or pronunciation.

Live Meeting Text: Speech AI can be built to take notes live during meetings or consultations and provide text updates to remote attendees.

Expressive and emphatic care: Traditional automated patient and customer service often pushes people away with robotic voices, leading them to seek human assistance.

Yet, human responses and the availability of caregivers have their limitations. Expressive voice bots sound human and empathic, tackle initial rejection rates, and efficiently support human agents.

Reimagine voice communication. Enhance the user experience.

Generative AI: Your partner in creative endeavours

Imagine creating a personal design assistant for your clients or a tool that translates entire websites into various languages. Generative AI is not just about imitation; it’s about creating authentic and original content – on demand and at scale.

From graphic design to bullet-point summaries, we can make Generative AI your partner in creativity.

Automated multi-language transactions: Utilize a tool that can automatically translate text and audio into various languages. This goes beyond individual phrases, potentially transforming entire websites, documents, or conversations. Open new business horizons and trim costs and timelines tied to translations.

Personal design assistant: Feed in text or sketches, and watch as generative AI conjures up design proposals aligned with your specifications. Offer a personal assistant for crafting alternative designs, completing missing elements, or removing specific objects from images.

Effortless text content processing: Generative AI excels at extracting essential information from lengthy texts and boiling it down to bullet points. Whether you want to enable writing emails or texts, summarizing lengthy pieces, or meeting notes, this feature is a time-saving gem, creating enormous time savings for your users.

Generative AI can be built into a partner in the creative journey, producing tailor-made content, facilitating communication across languages, and amplifying your users’ design prowess.

Boost creativity. Optimize content delivery.

Connect your technology with human language using Natural Language Processing

NLP is not just a buzzword; it can be a game-changer if you use it right. Analyze patient, physician and customer insights, elevate automated support, manage and transfer knowledge, and break language barriers like never before. Whether it’s content crafting or risk analysis, NLP connects technology with human language, unlocking endless possibilities.

NLP-infused AI solutions pave the way for innovators to:

People understanding: Analyze people’s insights and feedback with precision, enabling tailored response strategies.

Enhanced support: Elevate patient and customer support by having AI understand and respond effectively to human language.

Knowledge management: Automate document processing for seamless information retrieval and management.

Unleash insights: Dive into market research with AI’s ability to dissect and derive insights from human-generated content.

Breaking language barriers: Embrace multilingual communication, where AI bridges language gaps and fosters global connections.

Content crafting: From publications and articles to reports, leverage AI to generate content that aligns with your vision.

Risk and Compliance: Enhance risk analysis and ensure compliance through AI-driven language processing.

Connect deeper. Drive efficiency.


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Punktum is a member of Garmin Developer Program

The Garmin Connect Developer Program is an initiative designed to bridge developers and Garmin’s extensive suite of health and fitness data. It provides APIs for syncing health metrics, activity data and more. With this membership, we aim to leverage Garmin Health’s data and tracking capabilities, as well as their advanced technology to create innovative healthcare solutions.

You can learn more about the collaboration from this article.

Use our unique expertise in deep-tech R&D and startups

We have helped dozens of digital health innovators to build the right product and then build it the right way.

Early-stage startup acceleration experience

We have funded startups ourselves and run four different startup accelerators.

We know how to help early-stage startup founders evaluate product-market fit fast and launch an MVP.

Deep-tech R&D engineering expertise

At your disposal, a team of 120+ engineers with PhDs in Machine Learning and Data Science have extensive R&D experience in:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Vision
  • Embedded Systems and wearables
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Signal Processing

Regulatory affairs and MDR compliance

Our digital health experts are happy to support you with a validated design and development process compliant with:

  • ISO 13485 (Medical Devices)
  • ISO 14971 (Risk Management)
  • IEC 62304 (Software Dev Process)
  • IEC 62366 (Usability)
  • Medical Device Security (TIR57)
We are constantly aware of the current state of the art, and what models and solutions enter the AI market today, because it changes very dynamically.

What wasn’t possible at all 3 months ago, may already be solved.
It’s crucial for us, and our clients, to be aware of new possibilities, and competitors.
Marek Tatara, PhD
AI Expert at punktum

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