Mental Health Stars: 3 Exciting Encounters at DMEA 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, mental health is increasingly vital for overall well-being and quality of life. This topic was also prominent at this year’s DMEA, held from April 25-27. At the digital healthcare fair, we encountered numerous startups developing innovative solutions for preventing, diagnosing, treating, and managing mental disorders.

Let’s dive into three of these intriguing startups.

E-Mental-Health – What’s it all about?

E-Mental-Health focuses on digital tools and platforms that promote mental health and provide support for mental illnesses. Typical applications include mobile apps and online therapies. The scope of these tools ranges from preventing mental illnesses and assisting sufferers, to diagnosing and providing therapeutic interventions.

Our Top 3 Picks in the Mental Health Space:

Senseven Health – Stimmanalyse zur Vorhersage psychischer Gesundheit

Senseven Health, a Berlin-based startup, comprises licensed medical and psychological therapists. This innovative company is developing an app to predict mental health trends, thus streamlining the assessment and treatment of mental illnesses. To achieve this, the AI-driven platform monitors, analyzes, and interprets vocal biomarkers, enabling individuals to anticipate and more effectively manage their mental health based on personalized strategies.

💡 Senseven HealthImpact

The AI-based psychotherapy app detects changes in voice and suggests suitable exercises, offering a modern and individualized treatment approach.

Mindable Health – Medizinprodukt zur Behandlung von Angststörungen

At DMEA, we also spoke with Berlin-based startup Mindable Health. Utilizing innovative technologies, Mindable Health simplifies access to psychotherapy and supports therapy processes through digital health applications (DiGa). The Mindable app, approved by BfArM for patients with panic disorder and agoraphobia, is available free of charge on prescription. It can help patients bridge waiting periods, supplement ongoing therapies, and prevent relapses.

💡 Mindable Health – Impact

The Mindable app educates patients based on behavioral therapy guidelines and assists them in overcoming their fears through exposure exercises.

Mindzeit – Employee App for Combating Stress & Burnout

We also met Mindzeit, a Cologne-based startup that develops digital therapeutics for mental disorders. The Mindzeit app helps individuals reduce stress and improve their well-being and life satisfaction by considering users’ unique needs and incorporating the latest findings in neurology and stress research. Mindzeit aims to prevent mental illnesses such as burnout and depression using therapeutic approaches like mindfulness techniques, providing accessible mental health care anytime, anywhere.

💡 MindzeitImpact

The Mindzeit app offers customized self-care exercises based on your current mood and empowers individuals to take control of their mental health.

Conclusion: Inspiring Encounters at DMEA 2023

In the age of digitalization, mental health is increasingly recognized as a crucial and fundamentally human aspect of quality of life. Companies like the startups mentioned above have identified the need for digital mental health solutions and are propelling advancements in this field. Their innovations have the potential to bridge gaps in care, complement existing therapy options, and revolutionize the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental disorders. We eagerly anticipate following their future progress.

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