Garmin Health connects developers and innovators to create better healthcare, sports and fitness solutions

Collaboration between healthcare institutions and digital health innovators can significantly improve healthcare. That’s why Garmin Health has launched a program to make such collaboration easier.

To understand its importance, let’s look at the biggest challenge innovators face today.

Data availability stands in the way of healthcare innovation

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare innovation is the low availability of data due to privacy concerns and regulations. With limited access to real-world data, innovators are turning to synthetic data that mimics the actual ones, but does not directly correspond to real individual records.  A key advantage is improved privacy and data security. 

However, disadvantages include the potential for synthetic data not to perfectly capture complex real-world phenomena, resulting in models that may not generalise well to actual data. In addition, producing high-quality synthetic data requires advanced algorithms and can be computationally intensive.

Interoperability can be the solution for health innovators

It seems that finding a way to access the actual data is an essential step for health innovators to provide quality solutions. This is why interoperability is currently one of the most discussed concepts in the industry. The term refers to the ability of different information systems to access, exchange, and cooperatively use data. 

Implementation of interoperability in healthcare is based on cooperation between health institutions, digital health companies and researchers themselves. Such cooperation can lead to innovative digital health solutions and improved efficiency in healthcare delivery. 

For example, consider health monitoring in real-time using a wearable device integrated with a health platform. It’s a win-win situation, where both patients and healthcare providers get data-driven insights. This not only improves operations, but also supports the early detection and management of diseases.

Garmin Connect Developer Program paves the way for digital health collaboration

In response to health sector needs, Garmin has launched a program that’s designed to bridge developers and Garmin’s extensive suite of health and fitness data. Under this initiative, Garmin provides developers with access to their collected data and research, gathered in collaboration with medical institutions and universities. These collaborations play a crucial role in pursuing clinical validation by conducting studies under real-world conditions and in partnership with healthcare professionals.

They also provide APIs for syncing health metrics, activity data and more. APIs allow different systems and applications to communicate with each other, enabling the exchange of data in real-time.

Examples of the measurement data on Garmin smartwatches.

Illustration of a smartwatch with ECG app interface on the screen. There is a heart rate chart displayed, a pulse rate, and the measurement time. Below, there is a warning: ECG app cannot detect heart attacks.
Illustration of a smartwatch with an app interface on the screen. There is a chart displayed with a pulse rate during the day.
Illustration of a smartwatch with an app interface on the screen. There is a pulse OX chart displayed, meaning the smartwatch estimates the amount of oxygen in the user blood.

Garmin Health undertakes every effort to protect privacy and security of patient’s data

Garmin approaches data privacy and security through robust measures designed to protect user data. This typically involves the encryption of data transmitted between devices and servers, compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR, and providing users with control over their data. 

Garmin’s commitment to privacy and security is outlined in their privacy policies, detailing how data is collected, used, and protected.

Joining the Garmin Connect Developer Programme opens up new opportunities for Punktum

As punktum is a member of the Garmin’s program, this allows us to develop more advanced digital health solutions for our clients, improving the capability to offer personalised, data-driven health and fitness applications.

Our aim is to combine Garmin’s technological advances and vast amounts of data with Punktum’s AI engineering expertise to deliver pioneering solutions in means of wearables, digital health, digital therapeutics, and remote patient care.

Graph showing the process of punktum's cooperation with Garmin Health when working on a digital health project for the client.
The beginning is "your idea for innovation". Together with "Garmin's Health Science Database" it goes to punktum, where we use our expertise to develop the product. The result is "your innovative product".

Conclusion: Interoperability and collaboration are the key to innovation in healthcare

Seeing the possibilities, it is hard to imagine the future of healthcare without implementing interoperability. Punktum’s partnership with Garmin exemplifies the potential of collaboration not only to enhance patient care but to also drive forward the innovation landscape in healthcare.

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