Define your Innovative Solutions: BHT’s 2024 Startup Bootcamp

At punktum, we understand how daunting the process of founding your own startup can be. With layers upon layers of necessary planning and preparations, it's easy to get caught in the wave of stress. To mitigate the fear of uncertainty, it's critical that you take advantage of all the resources you can. Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT) is the second largest University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. With it's goldmine of resourceful tools, courses, and professional ties, BHT is hosting their annual Startup Bootcamp in March of 2024. This program welcomes expert guest-speakers to share their insights and backgrounds to lead you in the right path of entrepreneurship.

Why should you attend?

This event is open for any and all individuals who are interested in founding a startup, or those who already have begun the journey! The startup ecosystem is ever-changing, as a result of recent technological advancements. With this booming industry, now is the time to jumpstart your career. Unsure where to start? That's why we're here. This event will provide you the opportunity to expand your network, obtain resourceful tools and services, and refine your pitch presentation skills.

The results will match your effort

Get your foot in the door! As technology continues to advance, startups are multiplying across different industries. There is no better way to begin this journey, than with guided seminars and workshops lead by key experts.

Feel confident! The startup industry is rapidly emerging, and with that follows additional rules, regulations, and protocols that must be adhered by. With BHT's Startup Bootcamp, you will be able to handle these stressors with ease. Not only will you have a variety of professional connections, but most importantly, you will also know the basics of what can be expected when beginning your entrepreneurial journey.

Put yourself out there! Look into the resources around you and find opportunities that will take you to that next step. BHT Startup Hub is also extending their resources apart of the bootcamp, providing you the chance to pitch your ideas with the potential to secure funding. Embarking on this journey will unlock an array of doors leading towards your future success. It's time to make your dreams your reality.

BHT Startup Hub's Funding Opportunities

Pitch your innovative solutions and secure grants

Exist Women

Supporting female graduates, scientists, students, and professionals to venture into self-employment, managing directors and startup shareholders.

Berliner Startup Stipendium

Scholarship supporting founders with a startup concept and in the process of preparing for market maturity.

Exist Business Grant

Supporting students, graduates, and scientists with innovative technological startup projects, products, or services.

Increase your Potential with Industry Experts

BHT's 2024 Startup Bootcamp will take place March 11th-15th at the BHT campus in Wedding Berlin. This 5-day intensive program will cover crucial components of business, equipping you with the necessary skills to embark on your journey. Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:

Day 1-2: First thing's first...

  • Testing business ideas; learn how NOT to waste money and time!
  • Understanding market segmentation and product/ brand communication

Day 3-4: Testing the waters...

  • Prototyping, Roadmapping, and User Story Mapping
  • Navigating finance fundamentals and shaping a positive company culture

Day 5: It's go time...

  • Exploring legal parameters, rules, and regulations
  • Practice pitching, followed by a Q&A

Meet your Digital Health Coaches

In this bootcamp, BHT will be blending business and medical professionals, with an emphasis on technology. Throughout the week, you will be introduced to several experts within the digital health sector; including business strategists, legal advisors, healthcare providers, venture capitalists, and investors. These experts are...

Josua Ziegler, CEO/ Founder

CEO and founder of punktum, Josua has more than 11 years of experience in startup and corporate strategy consulting. Guiding digital health and sports innovators to success, Josua emphasises with how rigorous the journey can be. Josua believes that a crucial component to success is through the construction of a clear, concise, and cautious business plan, as this enables entrepreneurs to navigate complexities, anticipate risks, and capitalise on opportunities.

Tom Sieron, COO/ Co-Founder

COO and co-founder of punktum, Tom has over 19 years of experience in product design (UX/ Prototyping), web technology, and early-stage innovation. With intricate attention to detail, Tom specialises in understanding and meeting consumer wants and needs, and most importantly, how to get there. Tom feels that when approaching clientele or potential partners it is imperative to be personable and engaging. Like Josua, with Tom's expertise in digital technologies and developments, he drives market differentiation and competitive advantage.

Michael Katzmann

Michael is an experienced coach, trainer, and consultant with a focus on leadership training, sales training, executive coaching, business coaching, and communication training. He believes in the potential of individuals and companies to drive positive changes in their lives and organisations. With a specialisation in working with startups, SMEs, and corporate leaders, Michael aims to help his clients recognise and utilise their strengths, enhance their skills, and achieve their objectives, emphasising both company success and personal growth.

Nivea Lopes Gust

Nivea is a business psychologist and experienced sales specialist with a leadership background, dedicated to transforming team conflicts into opportunities for growth and success. She empowers leaders and their teams to unlock their full potential by overcoming personal and professional blockages. Through her management consultancy, Stayinnow, she focuses on personnel development with a special emphasis on retention management, ensuring employees become efficient, motivated, and integral to their company's lasting success.

Maria Kieslich

Maria is a distinguished expert in international commercial and corporate law, with a significant focus on the intricacies of contract and distribution law. With years of dedicated study and professional practice in China, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, supporting international companies in navigating direct investments in China and offering guidance to their Chinese subsidiaries on local legal matters. Maria enlightens new venture participants on the navigation of legal frameworks and the parameters of the law.

Dr. Svetlana Seppelt

Dr. Seppelt is an esteemed legal advisor with a profound understanding of corporate and insolvency law. With her extensive experience, she provides comprehensive guidance and representation to her clients, both domestically and internationally. Like Maria, Dr. Seppelt will share her insights on navigating the complexities of the law, helping participants to understand the critical legal frameworks and processes essential for successfully founding and operating a new venture.

Pascal Heymann

Pascal is a public speaking professional dedicated to transforming shy experts into confident presenters. He believes in the power of every voice and offers a range of services to unlock public speaking potential. These services include developing a confident mindset, crafting memorable presentations, creating compelling pitches, storytelling in business, effective virtual presentation, and preparing for specific public engagements. Today, he is situated at the core of Europe's startup scene, helping CEOs, academics, and aspiring speakers to communicate their ideas confidently and with impact.

Dr. Katharina Feldmann

Dr. Feldmann is a seasoned manager with extensive expertise in both operational and strategic marketing across a range of B2B and B2C sectors, including startups. She is recognised for her ability to build and lead high-performing marketing teams, as well as her success in meeting challenging sales objectives. Her skill set encompasses strategic marketing, content marketing, branding, marketing analytics, consumer insights, demand & lead generation, and conversion maximisation. Dr. Feldmann, who holds a Ph.D. in Economics, is known for her chronic curiosity and deep passion for leadership.

Additional information

For further inquiries and ticket registration, visit BHT's event page on their website at We look forward to working with you!

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