Artificial Intelligence vs. Traditional Basketball: Who Wins the Court?

With its fast-paced and dynamic nature, basketball has captivated fans around the globe, maturing into a sport that not only emphasises athleticism but also strategic intellect. Originating in a humble gymnasium as a simple yet inventive game to keep athletes engaged during the winter, it has grown into a global phenomenon, beloved for its dynamic athleticism and intricate play.

Known for its universal accessibility, basketball courts serve as urban sanctuaries and community hubs across the world, where individuals showcase their skill and passion regardless of background or status.

In the realm of the sport, advanced technologies are modifying the way games are played, analysed, and enjoyed by fans and players. AI and Machine Learning are at the centre, offering deep insights into player performance and team strategies by observing vast amounts of data collected during games. This data-driven approach enables coaches to make informed decisions, tailor training sessions, and even predict game outcomes with notable accuracy.

How are digital innovations elevating the basketball industry?

Basketball’s evolution, however, isn’t just confined to physical training and techniques; the digital era has ushered in a transformative era for sports, notably through the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), and Computer Vision.

In basketball, these technologies are not only influencing the game. Fans are being given new opportunities to follow their favourite sport. Players have to adapt to changes in the game. Coaches have many more opportunities to analyse the game. Such digital transformations and adaptations are already occurring in various areas of basketball. Below are some possible applications.

Key areas for innovation



Monitoring user actions and movements through embedded devices with sensor technology.

Training and coaching

Intensifying training and coaching through real-time data, optimising player development, strategy, and performance.


Fostering a community through application platforms, promoting local players to connect and play with one another.

Game footage

Implementing AI and ML to provide data-driven insights on player stats and highlights.

Skill development

Utilising advanced technology to track and analyse various metrics with real-time feedback.

💡 ThermoHuman introduces thermography technology to the sports industry

Based in Madrid, Spain, ThermoHuman is an innovative company specialising in applied infrared thermography across sports science, health, and research sectors. ThermoHuman developed an online software using computer vision and deep learning algorithms to analyse thermal images quickly. This software can process thermal images in seconds, providing detailed metrics for over a hundred body regions.

The goal is to help professionals in sports and health better understand human physiology to prevent injuries, monitor recovery, and aid in diagnosing pathologies or injuries. ThermoHuman offers services including thermal cameras, software solutions, educational courses, and consulting. Notably, in 2018 their innovations were being utilised by major sport leagues across the United States, including the NBA, MLB, MLS, and football teams from Ligue 1 in France and Liga MX in Mexico.

Photo of a set of ThermoHuman devices with different sizes of display, on which there is a thermal imaging view of a man's figure.

Gear up: Elevating performance with wearable technology

As basketball enters a new era of digital transformation, wearable technology is captivating users, upgrading how athletes train, perform, and recover. Smart wearables, equipped with advanced sensors, provide real-time data on player health, movement efficiency, and fatigue levels, providing custom training regimes that push the boundaries of athletic performance. These devices not only track heart rate and calories burned but also record jump height and running speed, offering insights that lead to improved tactics and play strategies on the court.

Wearable tech also plays a crucial role in injury prevention, monitoring athletes’ physiological signals to warn off potential overexertion and stress injuries before they occur. Beyond the physical, these gadgets aid in mental preparation, allowing players to visualise their performances through data, improving focus and game-time decision-making. The integration of wearable technology in basketball represents a leap towards a future where digital innovation empowers athletes to achieve new heights of excellence.

💡 Kinexon-Sports takes the lead in wearable basketball tech

Kinexon is a leader in basketball analytics, trusted by over 80% of NBA teams and elite teams globally. Their technology, including wearable sensors and analytics software, offers detailed insights into player performance, conditioning, and injury prevention. This support from professional leagues underscores the growing importance of data-driven strategies in sports.

Kinexon’s solutions are not just enhancing player and team performance but are also reshaping how basketball is played and coached at the highest levels, signalling a significant shift towards a more analytical and informed approach to the sport.

Eine Visualisierung des Kinexon-Tools und ein Tablet mit einer offenen App.

Can AI command training and coaching on the court?

As coaches seek to refine strategies and drills, Artificial Intelligence introduces precision and depth to their arsenal. By crunching vast datasets on player performance, AI enables a tailored approach to improving individual and team skills. This technology acts as a bridge between the intuitive expertise of coaches and the quantifiable metrics of player achievements.

Furthermore, AI-driven tools provide real-time feedback during practices, allowing for immediate adjustments. This melding of technology and traditional coaching methods promises to elevate the game to new heights.

💡 AI tech: upgrades basketball practice stands out in the basketball training landscape, offering an interactive application that empowers both trainers and coaches. With its AI-driven platform, the company allows for the tracking of shots, movements, and stats in real time, providing actionable feedback to improve player performance.

Its partnerships with professional leagues and integration of technologies like VR for immersive experiences underscore its value in modern basketball training methods. This tool is reshaping how skills are developed, making training more engaging and effective for players at all levels.

Visualisation of a smartphone with a basketball game recording stopframe, and specific information about the throw displaying over it. There is a shot type, leg angle, release angle, release time, speed, and release height.

Full court press: Building a hoops community

Social media platforms and dedicated basketball forums have become the digital arenas where fans, players, and coaches share triumphs, strategies, and personal stories, thereby solidifying bonds across geographical divides. Mobile apps tailored for basketball enthusiasts facilitate deeper engagement, from tracking live game stats to organising local pick-up games.

Virtual reality experiences bring fans closer to the action, allowing them to experience the intensity of the court from their living rooms. Digital coaching tools not only bridge the gap between emerging talents and seasoned professionals but also foster a culture of continuous learning and mentorship within the community. Together, these digital avenues create a unified, global basketball family, where the love for the game transcends physical boundaries.

💡Slam dunk socials: HOOPr unites the basketball community through tech

HOOPr is a leading platform that fosters a vibrant community for basketball enthusiasts, where athletes, trainers, and coaches converge to share and discover drills and workouts. The app promotes a collaborative space that empowers users to elevate their game by accessing a rich catalog of trend-setting drills, creating a dynamic environment for growth and learning.

Through this innovative approach, HOOPr is maintaining a digital ecosystem that connects basketball lovers, encouraging them to share their journey and achievements while benefiting from communal knowledge and expertise.

Visualisation of an app screen views on a phone. On the three screens there is shown a menu bar and open sections. First, there is My Profile with an exemplary profile data, like location and short description, below which is a gallery of user's Drills. Second, there is a Search screen with two options "Search HOOP's" and "Search Drills". There is a search bar and a possibility to choose a level: beginner, intermidiate, and advance.

Replay rundown: Can AI unlock accurate game insights?

With the advent of AI, coaches and players gain precise insights into gameplay, identifying patterns and strategies that might go unnoticed by the human eye. This technology enables a detailed breakdown of player movements, ball distribution, and defensive setups, providing a comprehensive understanding of in-game decisions. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, teams can predict opponent strategies and tailor their training sessions accordingly.

Furthermore, AI facilitates a quicker turnaround in game analysis, allowing teams to adapt and respond with agility in competitive scenarios. This shift towards data-driven debriefs heralds a new era in basketball coaching, where informed decisions pave the way for strategic advancements.

💡 Rewind and analyse: The game-changing impact of SportVisio‘s digitalisation

SportsVisio introduces an AI-driven solution that significantly alters the way basketball coaches and analysts engage with post-game footage for player development. By using recorded game material, their technology facilitates the generation of highly accurate statistics and player highlights, making it simpler for professionals to conduct thorough analyses and debriefs.

The application of such advanced tools not only streamlines the evaluation process but also provides invaluable insights into performance improvement areas, enabling a more focused and effective approach to coaching in the competitive sphere of basketball.

A photo of a smartphone recording a basketball game with SportVisio's  camera app.

Dribble, shoot, improve: Advancing skills with digital tools

Advanced software applications now allow players to dissect their performance with a level of detail previously unattainable, pinpointing areas for improvement. Virtual reality setups provide an immersive experience, simulating game situations for players to practice and refine their decision-making under pressure.

Customised training programs, powered by AI, adapt to the unique strengths and weaknesses of each athlete, ensuring personalised skill enhancement. Social media platforms serve as a stage for sharing success stories and instructional content, fostering a culture of continuous learning and mutual improvement within the basketball community. Through these digital channels, players at all levels unlock new potentials, elevating their game in ways that were once beyond reach.

💡 Swish and assist: Huupe‘s high tech hoop boosts skills

Huupe introduces the world’s first smart basketball hoop, designed to elevate the training experience for basketball players, coaches, and trainers. Through advanced tracking technology, it captures detailed performance data, offering users real-time feedback to fine-tune their skills.

This innovative approach supports skill development by allowing users to monitor various metrics, including shooting accuracy and speed. As such, huupe is gaining traction among basketball professionals, becoming a valuable tool in their training arsenal for achieving greater precision and performance on the court.

Visualisation of a smart basketball hoop. Similar to the traditional basket, there is a screen in the place of a backboard to which a hoop is attached. At the top of the screen there is a camera installed

Venture capitalists are investing in basketball’s implementation of AI

Several venture capitalists have taken a keen interest in the intersection of basketball and digital innovation, recognising the immense potential for growth and impact. Andreessen Horowitz, for instance, has shown a penchant for backing startups that merge sports science with cutting-edge technology, supporting ventures that aim to redefine player training and fan engagement through data analytics and AI.

Similarly, Sequoia Capital has invested in companies developing virtual reality experiences that revolutionise how fans interact with the game of basketball, offering immersive viewing experiences that blur the line between the court and the living room.

On the athlete performance front, Accel Partners has thrown its weight behind firms focused on biometric analyses and performance tracking systems, enabling players and coaches to harness detailed insights for improved gameplay.

These venture capitalists not only provide the necessary financial backing but also offer strategic guidance, applying their tech industry networks to support startups in navigating the sports technology landscape. Through their investments, these VC firms are pivotal in pushing the envelope of digital technologies within basketball, contributing to a future where the sport is more accessible, engaging, and innovative.

Digitisation is becoming a familiar face in the sports industry

It’s becoming evident that the digital age is gradually reshaping not only how sports are played, but also coached and enjoyed. Advanced video analytics tools are becoming standard in coaching arsenals, enabling detailed game and performance evaluations that inform tactical decisions.

Virtual platforms are expanding the reach of sports events, allowing fans from across the globe to witness live action without the constraints of geographical boundaries. AI-driven algorithms are assisting in injury prevention by predicting stress points and recommending tailored workout and recovery regimens.

Social media has become a pivotal channel for athletes to connect with their fanbase, share training tips, and build personal brands beyond the court. Through these digital avenues, the sports industry is experiencing a shift towards more interactive, personalised, and data-informed practices.

With punktum’s expertise in wearable technology, AI, and ML, we offer advanced solutions that blend deep tech with sports science to empower athletes and coaches alike. Our role in this digital innovation landscape highlights our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sports technology.

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