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Bridge the gap between technology and sports, providing smart, user-friendly AI innovations that empower athletes, teams, and sports organisations to win.
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At punktum, we focus on bringing achievable, tech-driven enhancements to the sports sector. We help you to optimise your sports products and services by infusing them with artificial intelligence technologies.

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Who do we Build our Sports and Sports Tech Solutions for?

Athletes & Trainers

Our solutions for athletes and their coaches focus on improving training and coaching practices for both individuals and sports professionals. Innovations such as motion tracking and wearable sensors help improve performance and rehabilitation, protecting athletes from common injuries in contact sports, such as a concussion, through real-time data and analysis. We use predictive modelling and sports medicine insights to prevent such injuries, monitoring both physical and mental performance.

Photo of a baseball player with the AI-generated drawing of the body aligment at the time of the throw.

Sports Equipment Manufacturers

Our solutions enhance products with immersive experiences and sensory technologies. We specialise in integrating smart technologies into sports apparel, footwear, and wearables, embedding sensors for comprehensive tracking. Our focus on training and performance optimisation offers significant improvements in athletic efficiency. Additionally, we support advances in manual and mental therapy through value-added services such as apps for smart sports equipment, enriching both the user experience and product offerings of sports equipment companies.

Photo of the runner's legs with the bounce points marked on the ground by the AI program.

Sports Clubs and Associations

Our sports and sports tech solutions are designed for athletic clubs and associations to improve fan and member engagement. They serve sports federations, associations that regulate disciplines, and sports event organisers that manage competitions. Our computer vision technology provides comprehensive match analysis, strategy improvement and event safety. With advanced vision and sensor systems, we excel at tracking physical and mental performance, detecting injuries and monitoring competition integrity, directly benefiting our sports customers.

Bird's-eye view of the football pitch with computer-marked player locations and team designations

Fitness Centres & Wellness Practitioners

Our technology is elevating the way sports and wellness facilities operate and engage with their customers. We offer solutions for access control, security, smart equipment integration and personalised training plans based on real-time sensor data. This approach improves workout efficiency and user experience, creating a highly personalised fitness journey for each individual and putting your business ahead of the competition as a result.

Photo of phone and sports equipment with symbolic visualisation of signal transmission in the form of waves
Picture of a woman running on a treadmill, with motion sensors attached to her body on her head, neck, torso, arms and legs, tracking her movement

Maximise Potentials in Sports with Tech

At punktum, we help you create solutions that truly benefit your project and business needs. Advanced technologies allow you to innovate in the elevation of sports results, the safety of athletes and spectators, and the sale of tickets and equipment.

Reach Peak Performance with Fewer Injuries

With AI-based solutions that use motion analysis and injury prediction algorithms, athletes can safely push their limits to new levels of performance, ensuring that every training session is both effective and safe. Our advanced tech solutions can provide real-time match analysis, tactical development and custom training plans for entire teams.

Build Unique, Tailored Experiences to Outshine Your Competition

A wide range of sensing capabilities allows you to create sports equipment that provides direct feedback to the user during training. Our experts can help you design, develop and manufacture smart apparel, footwear and wearables. With our mobile and software development prospects, you can create intelligent sports equipment systems that will help your customers perform better on the field and thank you for it.

Boost Fan Engagement for More Interactions and Improved Revenue

In the digital age, fan engagement extends beyond the stadium. Build tools that enable your sports organisation to deliver personalised experiences that set you apart from the competition. Think interactive and immersive experiences that connect fans with their favourite sports, teams, and athletes, directly leading to increased ticket and merchandise sales.


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Punktum is a member of Garmin Developer Program

The Garmin Connect Developer Program is an initiative designed to bridge developers and Garmin’s extensive suite of health and fitness data. It provides APIs for syncing health metrics, activity data and more. With this membership, we aim to leverage Garmin Health’s data and tracking capabilities, as well as their advanced technology to create innovative healthcare solutions.

You can learn more about the collaboration from this article.

Applications of Sports Technology

Punktum is transforming sports through technology, with applications ranging from wearable sports devices to smart data analytics, all tailored to the needs of modern athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Performance Monitoring Wearables

Smart Gear for Peak Performance

Build wearables to keep a close eye on athletes’ health metrics. By providing real-time data and insights, we aid in upgrading health management and injury prevention strategies.

AI-Enhanced Coaching Tools

AI for Advanced Coaching Strategies

Equip coaches with AI tools that analyse gameplay and training sessions. These insights assist in developing personalised training plans, identifying talent, and formulating game-winning plays.

Health and Recovery Analytics

Data-Driven Recovery Paths

Utilise our health analytics platforms to monitor athlete recovery and well-being. By tracking and monitoring health data, our solutions support informed decisions on training intensity, injury prevention, and rehabilitation protocols.

Advanced Analytics for Team and Talent Management

Strategic Insights for Group Management

Apply data to refine your team management and scouting strategies. Our analytics provide a clear understanding of player performance metrics, helping you identify areas for development and spot emerging talent effectively.

Interactive Fan Apps

Next-Level Fan Engagement

Transform how fans experience sports with our interactive apps. Features like live stats, virtual meet-and-greets, and augmented reality games make every game an immersive experience, strengthening the bond between fans and their favourite teams.

Key Uses of Wearables in Sports

The image shows a woman in sports wear. Image text describes the various uses of wearables, pointing to specific body parts:
Head: Wearables can monitor brain activity and offer neurofeedback, contributing to stress reduction and cognitive enhancement.
Eyes: Smart glasses and eye-tracking wearables aid in augmented reality experiences, hands-free data visualization, and improved visual accessibility.
Ears: Hearable devices offer personalized audio experiences, from immersive music to real-time language translation.
Body: Wearables track overall health metrics, including heart rate, temperature, and activity levels, fostering proactive well-being.
Arms: Smart sleeves and arm bands assist in posture correction, motion analysis for athletes, and rehabilitation exercises.
Wrists: Wrist-worn wearables provide continuous health monitoring, fitness tracking, and notifications for seamless daily management.
Legs: Wearable sensors on legs aid in gait analysis, enhancing physical therapy, sports performance, and mobility assessments.
Feet: Footwear with embedded sensors can analyze gait dynamics, contributing to injury prevention, orthopedic care, and ergonomic adjustments.

What can our sensors measure?

Chemical compounds wearable sensors can measure

  1. Glucose
  2. Lactate
  3. Sweat composition
  4. Cortisol
  5. Alcohol
  6. pH levels
  7. Creatinine
  8. Hydration levels
  9. Nitric oxide
  10. Hormone levels

Physical signals wearable sensors can measure

  1. Heart rate
  2. Temperature
  3. Motion and acceleration
  4. Respiratory rate
  5. Electrodermal activity (EDA)
  6. Blood pressure
  7. Oxygen saturation (SpO2)
  8. Electroencephalogram (EEG)
  9. Electromyography (EMG)
  10. Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG)
  11. Blood flow
  12. Muscle activity

Conditions where wearables can offer support

  1. Cardiovascular diseases
  2. Diabetes
  3. Respiratory disorders
  4. Neurological disorders
  5. Sleep disorders
  6. Mental health conditions
  7. Obesity and metabolic disorders
  8. Hypertension
  9. Chronic pain management
  10. Epilepsy
  11. Stroke recovery

Read what punktum clients have to say

“Punktum perfectly fit into the time frame proposed and also delivered a set of extra functionalities on top of what was agreed before the start. The quality of the code and work including UX/UI was spot on.”

Philipp Reiter

Partner & COO
Eye Square GmbH

“We like how proactive they are when it comes to recommending the best solutions. They also collaborate really well with our in-house team, which is outstanding.”

Jakob Schwankhaus

Co-Founder & CEO

“The collaboration between our internal team and developers from punktum is exceptionally smooth and efficient. They feel like our extended arm and can adjust their coding practices and conventions to what we have established internally.”

Radoslav Albrecht

Founder & CEO

Your FAQs for Sports and Sports Tech Services

Q1: How can punktum’s technology specifically enhance athletic performance?

A1: Our AI and machine learning solutions provide in-depth analysis of performance data, offering insights that can refine training programs, improve techniques, and reduce injury risks, directly contributing to enhanced athletic performance.

Q2: What kind of fan engagement solutions does punktum offer?

A2: We develop interactive mobile apps and platforms that offer immersive experiences such as AR/VR games, live stats, and virtual events, greatly enhancing the way fans interact with their favourite sports and teams.

Q3: Can punktum’s services help in managing sports teams or leagues more efficiently?

A3: Absolutely. Our digital tools streamline various aspects of sports management, from scheduling and logistics to resource allocation, making the administrative side of sports more efficient and effective.

Q4: How does punktum ensure its sports tech products are user-friendly?

A4: Our focus on expert UX review and customer-centric design ensures that our products are intuitive and tailored to meet the specific needs of athletes, coaches, and sports fans.

Q5: In what ways can punktum’s wearables be used in sports?

A5: Our wearables are designed for health monitoring, performance tracking, and providing real-time feedback to athletes, aiding in training, injury prevention, and overall health management.

Q6: How does punktum approach innovation in sports technology?

A6: We blend deep-tech R&D with practical application, ensuring that our innovations in AI, machine learning, and computer vision are not just cutting-edge but also relevant and applicable to the sports industry.

Q7: What makes punktum’s approach to sports tech unique?

A7: Our unique approach lies in our ability to tailor technology solutions to the specific needs of the sports industry, combining technical expertise with a profound understanding of sports dynamics.

Meet some of our experts

Marek Tatara, PhD.

10 years of experience in R&D of cutting-edge technologies.

Holds a PhD in automatic control & robotics and leads a team of 20 deep-tech researchers. Assistant Professor at Gdańsk University of Technology.

Tom Sieron

18 years of experience in Service Design, UX and startups.

Founded his first startup in 2006. Managed and mentored 4 startup accelerators, and founded 3 digital agencies. MSc in Biomedical Engineering.

Punktum has unique expertise in product design and R&D

We have helped dozens of digital health innovators to build the right product and then build it the right way.

R&D and startup acceleration experience

We have funded startups ourselves and operate four different startup accelerators.

We know how to solve the challenges an early-stage startup founder faces in finding product-market fit and building an MVP.

Deep-tech engineering expertise

At your disposal, a team of 120+ engineers with PhDs in machine learning and data science that have extensive R&D experience in:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Vision
  • Embedded Systems and wearables
  • Signal Processing

Regulatory affairs and MDR compliance

Our digital health experts are happy to support you with a validated design and development process that are compliant with:

  • ISO 13485 (Medical Devices)
  • ISO 14971 (Risk Management)
  • IEC 62304 (Software Dev Process)
  • IEC 62366 (Usability)
  • Medical Device Security (TIR57)

Punktum is a member of the DAC.Digital Group

Punktum’s digital health product and UX consulting expertise is empowered with DAC.Digital‘s deep-tech delivery capabilities of 120+ engineers and R&D experts working in-house. DAC is headquartered in Gdańsk, Poland, where we share a years-long successful collaboration on projects in Germany, EU and beyond.

All of our team members are working from within the EU and in the CET (Berlin/Warsaw) time zone.

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