Can AI and computer vision app help both kids and pro footballers to train harder, faster, stronger?

AI is now accessible in kids' smartphones, but is it powerful enough for professionals to train with? Learn how we developed an app that does precise movement analysis, as well as ball speed, spin and trajectory – all with just a smartphone camera.

A celebrity-backed startup aimed at connecting football friends and players worldwide

Sports Computing is a Norwegian startup that makes pro-level football training accessible to anyone in the world with just a ball and a simple smartphone. They aim to create a global football community where anyone can compete with friends and players worldwide.

Top sports celebrities back this venture, including none other than Magnus Carlsen - current World Chess Champion (and arguably the best chess player to date), and the renowned Norwegian footballer and Manchester United ex-manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

Sadly, after some misfortunate past vendor cooperations, they were regrettably blocked from fully realising their vision swiftly. Left with an application that didn’t meet their standards and a codebase that couldn’t be developed because of severe technical debt, the startup's founders sought a strong product development partner.

Challenges we were excited to tackle

  1. Newly redesigned UI required a brand new version of the mobile application delivered quickly.

  2. Expected high traffic load demanded full scalability of the infrastructure. KickerAce offers connecting and competing with friends and players worldwide, from anywhere. Such global football community interacting flawlessly requires a global scale of performance.

  3. Unmaintainable and undocumented codebase lacking versioning in the face of an urgent business need to speed up time-to-market of new feature rollouts, and reduce the previously accrued delays.

  4. Diverse mix of skills – AI/ML, computer vision, video processing, mobile development, and backend – all needed in one development team, with an ability to package it and utilise all those capabilities in one seamless solution ready for a global audience.

Engineers who understand the value of time-to-market

One of the key success components of our cooperation was very fast delivery at the initial stage of product development. We needed to clean out the code and redesign the application for it to be fully working and in an investor-presentable state, and our team quickly understood how valuable each day was.

Delivery of that first phase was done in record time, with our client elated with the results. Within two months, the application was working again and ready to grow.

From that initial 2-month sprint, the scope and extent of our cooperation only grew and continued, with now over 4000 hours spent designing and developing KickerAce. We are proud to have delivered every stage on time and with more than satisfactory results for our client.

We couldn’t get a more ideal partner with extraordinary skills both within AI and application development. Professional and transparent project management is vital. PM and interactions are working exceptionally well. Your ability to work independently and come up with constructive alternative solutions, understandable for a layperson, has reduced the stress and concerns.
Kjell Heen
CEO of Sports Computing

A new spin on the technology

The startup also needed an innovative tech approach that could finally enable a precise analysis of body movement, object speed, spin and trajectory using input from only one smartphone camera and some smart computer vision processing.

Our data science team had just the answer, with a unique algorithm that captures and tracks motion in real-time, providing an accurate and detailed assessment of the video data. This software has revolutionary capabilities, requiring only a single smartphone camera to work.

Extended cooperation involving neural networks and UX design

Among other projects, our team was excited to redesign the backend infrastructure of the application and help develop the backend AI-based tool that powers the image processing and analysis of the video material using neural networks. We have also provided assistance in redesigning the user interface, working alongside startup's own UX/UI designer.

The future of Kicker Ace

As a result of a very successful and ongoing collaboration, the application is now live in the App Store and runs blazing fast and accurately. Its new intuitive design and interface also make it easy to use by everyone worldwide.

It even found its place in the Norway Cup tournament – a series of Norwegian football events that gathers 50 000 participants. Kicker Ace organised the penalty kick competition, with official high scores tracked on the Kicker Ace website.

We are proud that the application now helps both aspiring and professional football players in their training every day.

Deeptech product development delivered seamlessly

Development of the video processing and rendering software also included backend development. Our engineering team has followed the industry best practices in DevOps methodology and CI/CD for mobile app and backend infrastructure.
  • Product roadmap

  • UX and UI Design

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Computer vision processing

  • Mobile application development

  • CI/CD DevOps methodology

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Product Design

  • Discovery, Customer Research, and Product Strategy
  • User Experience and Product Design
  • Requirements and Solution Delivery Roadmap

Technology Development

  • Sprint cycles with incremental releases
  • Set up of optimal technology stack
  • Refinement and continuous feedback gathering

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