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Everon, a Finland-based company founded in 2004, is dedicated to developing a remote patient monitoring system for individuals in need of specialized care and has made significant strides in this field since then.

Our partner is committed to providing cutting-edge digital living solutions that enhance the quality of life for patients and care professionals who provide home nursing. Initially established in the Finnish and Swedish home care markets, they expanded their services to the UK in 2019. 

In 2020 Everon and our team partnered up to further advance their offerings and improve outpatient care.

Care beyond weekdays – a communication network for round-the-clock patient monitoring

Specialised nursing staff usually only works on weekdays. To ensure that patients requiring personal care can receive prompt assistance in case of an emergency, it’s essential to establish a means for them to reach medical facility staff outside of regular weekday hours when specialized nursing staff may not be available.

The project aimed to further develop a communication network of devices to help caregivers and nurses monitor patients and notify the registered nurse in emergencies 24/7.

The company founder needed to create and maintain a reliable, self-sufficient home care assistance system without the limits of cumbersome cable technology. 

Everon’s project was in the prototyping stage for six years, and the device was not developed enough for commercial release. However, everything changed when they met our team of experts. Our collaboration marked a new beginning for the project, and we were determined to help Everon overcome the challenges their project faced.

Complete redesign to get the project unstuck

After years of collaboration with external consultants, Everon came to us with an already functioning product. However, due to some parts reaching their end-of-life, and missing a key required function, a complete redesign was necessary to make it commercially viable. 

We faced the challenge of integrating multiple services and functions into a user-friendly design that could be applicable in various medical settings, including nursing homes, care homes, hospitals, and home care services.

To meet the needs of these settings, it was essential to consolidate all user interactions into a few intuitive buttons that could trigger essential functions like an alarm and emergency call. The device also featured a simple display showing operating hours and remaining battery life. In addition, the device had to be very energy efficient, meet certification requirements, and provide reliable operation in the long run.

Easy-to-use wearable band for patient paired with a monitoring system hub

The general idea for the device was already in place – a wearable band for patients that paired with a hub and offered additional features like accelerometers for fall detection, alerts for lack of motion, and reminders for medication administration. 

Together, the band and hub formed a comprehensive monitoring system for home health assistance and home health care services.

However, there were still many hurdles to overcome in order for the product to meet the needs of our client.

Multiple challenges equals multiple results

To create the final product, many factors had to come together into one well-functioning whole.

Overcoming supply-demand challenges with creative product design
Everon faced supply-demand challenges due to Covid-caused semiconductor costs and component availability issues, which hindered their ability to manufacture product as planned. To tackle this obstacle, we made changes to the product architecture, replacing the missing components with new parts that were much more available on the market.

Extending battery life to meet regulatory standards
When we began to work on a prototype, the battery needed to last for 12 hours. However, we identified the need to extend the lifespan to 72 hours without adding extra batteries. We implemented energy management optimization and ensured compliance with both Swedish and EU regulations to meet this requirement.

Navigating limited documentation
One of the biggest challenges we faced was the lack of detailed product specifications. Despite the difficulties, we untangled the workings of the software and hardware and created comprehensive documentation in the process.

Revamping outdated infrastructure
We had the independence to delve into the product’s infrastructure, leading us to discover obsolete parts and inadequate documentation. To maintain product stability and safety, we proposed a new architecture that would replace the outdated one.

Bringing it all together for optimal functionality
After addressing the issues with documentation and infrastructure, we designed a new architecture that ensured seamless device connectivity and easy updates. Furthermore, we successfully increased the battery lifespan to a reliable 48 hours and continue to work on improving it for future versions of the product.

Origon Hub – a cloud-based communication system for monitoring home nursing patients

The end product of our efforts was an IoT product called “Origon Hub”.

Simple control with only a few buttons allows for easy use, removing a technological barrier for its users.

The solution integrates wireless communication technologies, including dual SIM, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Setting up the hub is easy with the ‘Press and Play’ functionality, which allows for quick installation of additional smart sensors and wearables. The Origon Hub can connect to up to 64 wireless sensors, and its own app/platform provides monitoring and alert functionalities.

The solution is designed to be interoperable, with an open platform and API’s that enable us to connect to external devices. This feature ensures that this hardware is future-proof and adaptable to changing technologies. With no central point of failure, the hub ensures reliability and can locate individuals in real-time.

Solid foundation for further progress

You can check out Origon Hub, among other Everon solutions, on

We take pride in our continuous effort to enhance the product’s capabilities, contributing to Everon’s ability to provide improved care and treatment for home and hospital patients.

Technologies and integrations applied


C Sharp



Bluetooth Low Energy

Microsoft .NET

Microsoft Azure

Kubernetes Integration

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