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Why do most pre-seed startups fail?

We see most founders fail to progress and get stuck because of those two reasons:

Tech Founder Builds without Connecting to Customer Needs

They build the wrong thing — a product nobody needs strongly enough. Missing product-market fit results in little traction and a slow death.

Business Founder is Blocked by Technology Challenges

Missing the tech expertise to plan a feasible roadmap and budget. They choose the wrong tech approach to progress and then run out of money.

Avoid these typical failures!

Work with our team of startup and deep-tech experts to confidently leap ahead.

Validate Your Business Idea First

Learn about your customers’ needs. Identify and test the riskiest assumptions in your idea.

Plan Together with a Tech Architect

Use the expertise of a DeepTech R&D expert to plan your tech product roadmap.

Punktum founders helped over 250 startups make their vision come true since 2015.

Leverage our deep tech R&D engineering expertise

  • Machine Learning & AI

  • Mobile and Custom Software

  • Hardware and Wearables

  • Computer Vision, AR/VR

  • Blockchain technologies

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