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punktum is a Berlin-based product design and delivery consultancy. We work at the intersection of Digital Fitness, Wellbeing and e-Health and help our clients to create successful digital health products.

Utilizing emerging technologies, AI/ML, Data Science, and hardware-based innovations together with, IoT, AR, VR and Computer Vision we ensure top-notch solutions that exceed your customers’ expectations.

Punktum leadership team

Josua Ziegler


10 years of experience in startup and corporate strategy consulting.

Led digital transformation projects across health, finance and sports in Europe and Middle East. 

Tom Sieron


18 years of experience in Service Design, UX and startups.

Founded his first startup in 2006. Managed and mentored 4 startup accelerators, and founded 3 digital agencies. MSc in Biomedical Engineering.


vom Hagen

Business Development

Gained insights in the pharmaceutical industry and in consulting tech-driven companies. 

Master’s in Bioentrepreneurship candidate.

Krzysztof Radecki


18 years of R&D and technology project leadership experience. 

Led tech implementations at Opel, GE Money Bank, CGI, JLL, and Infomotion GmbH.

Marek Tatara, PhD.

Chief Science Officer

10 years of experience in R&D of cutting-edge technologies.

Holds a PhD in automatic control & robotics and leads a team of 20 Deep Tech researchers. Assistant Professor at Gdańsk University of Technology

Adrian Nicoś

Software Development Lead

14 years of experience in software design and development.

Covers the full software development lifecycle for robust, scalable, and secure systems.

Marcin Połulich

Deep Tech Lead

16 years of Deep Tech engineering expertise.

Excels in technology leadership and delivery roles of Deep Tech focused software and hardware companies.

Punktum is a member of the DAC.digital Group

Punktum’s digital health product and UX consulting expertise is empowered with DAC.digital‘s deep-tech delivery capabilities of 120+ engineers and R&D experts working in-house. DAC.digital is headquartered in Gdańsk, Poland and we share a years-long successful collaboration on projects in Germany, EU and beyond.

All of our team members are working from within the EU and in the CET (Berlin/Warsaw) time zone.

Our Values


over politeness and complaisance
We are honest and radically candid to ourselves, our team mates, and our clients. We care personally while challenging directly, we are both kind and clear, specific and sincere.


over simple and easy solutions
We maintain integrity by honoring our word. We honor our word first, by keeping our word, and on time; or second, as soon as we know that we won’t keep our word, we inform everyone counting on us to keep our word and clean up any mess that we’ve caused, which maintains our integrity.


over following the herd, the default, the status quo
Curious and eager to work from first principles, ask for evidence, look at the underlying data, and check the facts to redraw the maps for ourselves and others. We constantly learn, and hold safe space for others to learn with us, and from us.


over compromises and delays
We deliver what we promised to our clients with the highest quality. We challenge our customers and most importantly ourselves to aim for the best result.

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